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Default Toney and the HOF---revisited--

I know I made this thread a few weeks ago but I wanted to bring it up again with the recent deaths of wrestler Chris Benoit and his family.

It looks like they might try to connect roid rage with this tragic turn of events. Assuming they do in fact link this to some sort of roid rage, I wonder how much more the HOF will hold Toney's roid abuse against him.

As of now, the roid punishment may be Toney's last hurrah in boxing. Whether he fights again or not, he is through as a top level fighter. Given his lack of will to train and get in shape, a year will only balloon his weight problems further. If he happens to go nuts with the press or even worse--and it is then linked to roids---I wonder if he will be blackballed from the HOF. I think all it would take is some of Toney's famous trash talk about the HOF, it's current members, or it's voting directors and he will have shot himself in the foot.

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