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Default Re: Could Floyd Mayweather beat a prime Meldrick Taylor?

Originally Posted by duranimal View Post
Not a chance, at 140 (Pre-Chavez + Chavez fight) Taylor is Money's very worst nightmare, Money would'nt have time 2 ****in breath, he has'nt no where near the power/speed too hold off Meldrick, talk about under siege at warp speed.

TAYLOR MADE CHAVEZ LOOK LIKE A ****IN TORTOISE, he was useing Julio's melon head as a speed ball never seen ****-all like him in my life & too watch him live WOW, Floyd does not have any answers for this feller except RUN & RUN some more THEN/TODAY OR IN YOUR DREAMS
Go **** yourself. I gave my goddamn opinion and you're going to jump down my throat like everyone else who slightly disagrees with anything you write. In my dreams? I ****ing hate Mayweather, why the **** would I want him to win this bout? I call it as I see it. From an ****ytical standpoint, Floyd holds the edges in this matchup because Taylor's advantage in handspeed (which is his only advantage here by the way) is not going to nullify all of Mayweather's advantages in strategy, ring generalship, and adaptability. The fact that Taylor made Chavez look slow is completely irrelevant to how a fight with Mayweather would go down, considering they are polar opposites stylistically and Mayweather was far faster than Chavez himself. If you want to address something I write, fine. Show some ****ing manners next time.
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