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Default Re: Could Floyd Mayweather beat a prime Meldrick Taylor?

Originally Posted by Sweet Pea View Post
Go **** yourself. I gave my goddamn opinion and you're going to jump down my throat like everyone else who slightly disagrees with anything you write. In my dreams? I ****ing hate Mayweather, why the **** would I want him to win this bout? I call it as I see it. From an ****ytical standpoint, Floyd holds the edges in this matchup because Taylor's advantage in handspeed (which is his only advantage here by the way) is not going to nullify all of Mayweather's advantages in strategy, ring generalship, and adaptability. The fact that Taylor made Chavez look slow is completely irrelevant to how a fight with Mayweather would go down, considering they are polar opposites stylistically and Mayweather was far faster than Chavez himself. If you want to address something I write, fine. Show some ****ing manners next time.
**** Off, you rude ignorant little fart, i just gave an honest opinion that differ's from your's, so GROW UP & stop acting like some 1st time menstrating schoolgirl just because someone has the neck 2 question/disagree with you.

You're a hypercrite of byzantine proportions & a classic cyber warrior who collapses under stress when any of his ****ysis is brought into question, you're totally inflexible when it comes too understanding the opinions of others which is no doubt down too your inexpierence of real life.

I'am not remotely interested in what you think of mayweather i.e hating him ect, your'e meant too be able to give an opinion based on what you percieve to be the strenghs/weaknesses of each combatent & not on personalities & you FAIL

So climb down of your self appointed throne your majesty & try to see the world as others do & that way you may recieve all the back slapping praise you so desperatly seek
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