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Default Re: Where does the Chagaev/Ibragimov match leave Wlad Klitschko ?

Anyways, to answer the question the thread posed.

In an ideal world, this places the winner of Ibragimov/Chagaev in the #1 or #2 ranking, with Klitschko clearly holding the other spot. Ideally, it will be the #2 spot, as a Peter/Maskaev-Chagaev/Ibragimov bout would crown the ring champion if they are placed #1 and that is an unacceptably inaccurate ranking. Following the fight, I would expect Wlad to drop his strap and challenge the winner of Ibragimov/Chagaev, dropping the strap because the sanctioning bodies will probably do all in their power to prevent the fight from happening.

If the fight takes place in Europe, with the new legitimacy of the Chagaev/Ibragimov winner, it could garner lots and lots of money, something that Chagaev or Ibragimov would be hard to overlook. Clearly, the winner of Ibragimov/Chagaev will be no lower than #3 in the ring rankings, and as such, a fight with Klitschko will crown a new ring champ.

I know I am just speculating and hoping, but this could be exactly what the HW division needs to finally get a champion. That is the most ideal situation.
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