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Default Re: Could Floyd Mayweather beat a prime Meldrick Taylor?

Originally Posted by Sweet Pea View Post
Age stops being a plus when you've reached the point of senility, old fart.
Dear o Dear you really are just a mouthty useless little turd ar'nt you, all hail sweat-pea the HIGH PRIESTESS of ESB as this about sums you up, you have too be the most feminine tantrum poster/reposte on here, a bed wetting little **** like you trying too act the daddie, always right, never to be questioned, well you can **** right off, you're a ****in ****er who's done **** all with his life except dream & live in cyber worldi told yer a few months back that i thought there was something of the Rent boy in yer did'nt i eh!

i'll put yer age around 23/27 & proberbly never been more than a gas tanks worth of miles outside of yer one dog/horse town & here you are trying too act the guv'ner & the wise old man of fantasy boxing with WOW 14,000 post's you sad little **** & thats what it is here FANTASY boxing but for you it's your ****in REALITY & that makes you a 1st class ****ER & some

Give me a list of everything yer've done/met/know/made happen the last 25 years regards boxing + i'll be flying into the states on the 2nd Nov doing NY/Boston/Chicago & Vegas on the 12th for the Pac/Cotto fight so lets not waste your all so great knowlege on here at ESB, so lets share it with some people in the know eh! PM me & we'll see if we can arrange a meet in the ZURI bar at the MGM & i'll introduce you as the MAIN MAN of classic fantasy boxing, this could be yer big break

I'll be there thursday night at 7/8pm sat yappin with Burt. If you've the ***** to show up & don't make a **** of yerself i may take you a bit more seriously but in my ****YSIS i've rarely been wrong when it comes to spotting the deluded & desperate as there my main sorce of income

So Mr Big 14,000 posts are you HBO/PPv or MAIN EVENT man, it ai'nt far for you to travel, for me it's 12,000 round trip, lets see what yer really made of eh
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