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Default Re: Could Floyd Mayweather beat a prime Meldrick Taylor?

Originally Posted by fleaman View Post
Round15 I would say Floyd gets more than enough credit for his 'skills'.

You're probably right Fleaman, the guy does get a lot of credit, probably more than he should.

Still, Floyd has been fantastic and in terms of his adaptability in a fight there's nobody more impressive right now. I would honestly say Mayweather's fight against Hatton was more impressive than Pacquiao's blowout of Hatton.

First of all Ricky seemed more prepared mentally and physically for Floyd as opposed to Manny. Hatton kept his guard higher, moved his head and put more pressure on Floyd. Against Pacquiao, the skills seemed to be absent, probably left in the dressing room before the fight. There's no way that Pacquiao should have landed that clean power left hook shot if Hatton had kept his hands higher in better guard position as opposed to his rib cage.

The way Floyd countered Hatton, turned him around and knocked him out was impressive. No disrespect to Pacquiao and kudos to him for his knockout effort but the fight against Hatton didn't go long enough in order for Ricky to illustrate any sort of effective offensive attack.

You are right though, Floyd does get a lot of credit, but watching him makes me feel that he deserves most if not all the accolades he's getting.
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