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Default Re: George Foreman: What Was, What Could've Been, Nothing Short Of Mind Boggling part

Originally Posted by Chris ****** View Post
And what is Larry Holmes record against Ranked opponents? And Larry Holmes would of school Foreman in the 70s? Then why did Larry Holmes avoid Foreman did? Peralta and Chuvalo second tiered? Well Ali fought Chuvalo twice so Ali must of loved to fight second tiered fighters. Peralta was far superior than a guy like James Tillis who probably beat Tyson when they fought and how many real top 10 guys Tyson fought?

How many Top tier fighters Lennox Lewis fight?

How many top tier fighters did Joe Louis fight?

How many top tier fighters did Wlad of Vitali fight?

How many top tier fighters did Evander Holyfield fight?

How many top tier fighters did Rocky Marciano fight?

How many top tier fighters did Jack Dempsey fight?

Kid get out of here with your nonsense, non of the questions i asked you could answer. You will find some bogus numbers to pull out of hat just to try to prove Marciano, Dempsey or Louis fought better fighters. A fighter like Scott LeDoux would beat Marciano, Dempsey or any of the trash they fought. Foreman fought who he had to fight and won. Again I made this thread to give respect to Foreman and if you cant do that then stop responding here.

Louis and ALi both fought around 20-30 Ring ranked opponents. Lennox was 16-2 against ranked opponents (at the time he fought them, if you want to look at fighters who were ranked at anytime it would be higher).

BTW Foreman is well known to have ducked Holmes, he knows he can't live with a boxer like Holmes plain and simple

Foreman isn't close to any of these as a complete boxer and you been on his nut sack doesn't change that
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