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Default Re: Could Floyd Mayweather beat a prime Meldrick Taylor?

Originally Posted by duranimal View Post
Dear o Dear you really are just a mouthty useless little turd ar'nt you, all hail sweat-pea the HIGH PRIESTESS of ESB as this about sums you up, you have too be the most feminine tantrum poster/reposte on here, a bed wetting little **** like you trying too act the daddie, always right, never to be questioned, well you can **** right off, you're a ****in ****er who's done **** all with his life except dream & live in cyber worldi told yer a few months back that i thought there was something of the Rent boy in yer did'nt i eh!

i'll put yer age around 23/27 & proberbly never been more than a gas tanks worth of miles outside of yer one dog/horse town & here you are trying too act the guv'ner & the wise old man of fantasy boxing with WOW 14,000 post's you sad little **** & thats what it is here FANTASY boxing but for you it's your ****in REALITY & that makes you a 1st class ****ER & some

Give me a list of everything yer've done/met/know/made happen the last 25 years regards boxing + i'll be flying into the states on the 2nd Nov doing NY/Boston/Chicago & Vegas on the 12th for the Pac/Cotto fight so lets not waste your all so great knowlege on here at ESB, so lets share it with some people in the know eh! PM me & we'll see if we can arrange a meet in the ZURI bar at the MGM & i'll introduce you as the MAIN MAN of classic fantasy boxing, this could be yer big break

I'll be there thursday night at 7/8pm sat yappin with Burt. If you've the ***** to show up & don't make a **** of yerself i may take you a bit more seriously but in my ****YSIS i've rarely been wrong when it comes to spotting the deluded & desperate as there my main sorce of income

So Mr Big 14,000 posts are you HBO/PPv or MAIN EVENT man, it ai'nt far for you to travel, for me it's 12,000 round trip, lets see what yer really made of eh
I'm so glad you've decided to respond in this manner as I've always wanted to expose you for what you really are: old, senile, insecure, delusional, and above all hypercritical!

If the rest of you fail to see the blinding irony in what this geezer's been calling me out on and then responding with in the past few pages you have to be at least a little slow. Obviously Old Man River here fails to see it. Being old and devoid of his senses, he an excuse, though.

To answer your question: Why would I fly out to Vegas to meet some senile old pedo I conversed with on the internet? It'd seem a waste of money for me to fly all the way there only to kick your walking cane out from underneath you and be done with it. You'd probably break a hip on the way down, leaving me with the hospital bill and further useless expenditures. What good would it do to come back and tell everyone I bested a helpless, delusional old man? You got some spirit in you Mickey, but your best days are long past. To put it eloquently: Yer a bum!

Given your posting methods I'd say you're starting to deteriorate. It happens when you get that age. You've hit a certain point and started to devolve back into a drooling, helpless little heap who ****es and ****s himself daily, only to have his Depends whiped daily by his daughter in much the way you used to do her. That much is evident by the nonsensical PMS rants you constantly post.

If you have any dignity in you, the only option left is quite obvious Old Yeller. Do a favor, put yourself and the rest of us out of the misery that comes with having you around, contaminating the forum with your disease. You truly are nothing more than an animal.
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