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Default Re: Ranking the Greats: your assistance please

I agree, but I think that it would be best to transcend style and it's singular parts and look at how effective that fighter was in the ring. If forced, I'd probably consider how well that fighter controls the field, his game at every range, and how defensively adept that fighter is.
Stoney, would you agree with the following?

"Ring Generalship properly understood is about how effective a fighter is in controlling his opponent. Whether this is done by singing and dancing, laughing and crying or laying an egg is besides the point. What should be measured is the effectiveness one has in controlling an opponent, not the method via which the control is achieved. Whether someone achieves control via defensive strategy or bumrushing a foe is equal in worth if the level of effectiveness is the same."

As to your list, I'd like to ask, did Benny Leonard make your 1920 cut off? If he did, I'd think he'd have to be in the top 10.

One other question, where did Barney Ross come in? Surprised someone like Jofre is ranked higher than him.
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