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Default Re: George Foreman: What Was, What Could've Been, Nothing Short Of Mind Boggling part

Lol Scott Deloux wasnt great by no means and I was kind of joking about him beating Marciano. But come on guys, Marciano beat 40 year old has beens, not impressive if you asked me. Deloux was a bigger and stronger than Marciano, there are weight classes for a reason and just because you people love to pretend Marciano was better than god or life itself he wasnt.

In any case Foreman fought better opponents than Louis, Marciano, or Dempsey so if you going to knock Foreman for his level of opponents then knock Marciano, Dempsey and Louis for fighting worse. If you have nothing positive to say about Foreman then don't respond here. Make your own thread and tell the people how Holmes would of beat Foreman in the 70s even though it is a fact Holmes and Holmes people wanted no part of Foreman.

Make a thread called even though Mike Tyson got iced 5 times its no big deal because it's Mike Tyson. Call it Buster Douglas is a harder puncher and a better fighter than Ali just to justify Tyson being knocked out by a glass chin club fighter like Douglas

Make a thread called Lennox Lewis best wins came over a washed up Tyson and a washed up Holyfield. Make a thread called even though Lennox Lewis had worse stamina than Foreman and got knocked out 2 times by 1 punch for C level fighters he would of still beat Foreman.

Make a thread called Vitali and Wlad Klitschko have no talent but since they are european and europeans love to brag about the trash they cant lose. Make one called the best opponents Wlad or Vitali beat wouldnt have been even considered club fighters in the 70's 80's or 90's.

But if you are responding here please respond with complements on Foreman. That is why i made this thread.
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