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Default Re: Left Hook- palms down or facing inward?

Originally Posted by achillesthegreat View Post
Palm is supposed to be down or at 45 degrees. Big gloves take away accuracy and smooth delivery so alot of people go thumb up and are in effect throwing a haymaker. Elbow isn't up because of open palm and if it is then you can feel your palm being up isn't natural. There will be a slight strain on the forearm. Ultimately it affects your technique.

Keep that palm down and throw the shot for accuracy. Thumb up and you are covering more surface area on the face, which shouldn't be the desired aim.
So you're saying that technique-wise it is better to have the palm facing down so that your elbow will naturally point up?
Mechnically I have to agree, since I find that with the palm down or the thumb almost facing down, you get a better 'hook'. That is the punch starts off high and then slants downwards as it curves back to you... a better angle to dig into the chin.

...some guy the other day was 'correcting' me by saying to throw with the thumb up and STILL hold the elbow up and it just did not feel right. It was almost like my elbow was going to bend off... I get irritated by idiots.

So I'm going to ask, is there any such rationale that a thumb-up hook can or should ever be used? Its a dumb question almost.
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