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Default Re: Adding Up 0's Stolen...

This is not what your technically asking for but..

Jersey Joe Walcott ended multiple world class fighters who were on the hottest winning streaks of their careers.

Jimmy Bivins: undefeated in his last 27 fights spanning 4 years

Ezzard Charles: Undefeated in his last 24 fights spanning 3 years

Elmer Ray: Undefeated in his last 40 spanning 4 years

Joe Louis Undefeated in his last 33 fights spanning 11 years, Walcott deserved this win in Dec of 47.

Harold Johnson was I believe either 28-0 or 28-1 when Walcott knocked him out. Either way, it was the first and only time Johnson was stopped until his classic with Moore in 1954.

Walcott also nearly ended Marcianos 42-0 winning streak. Only 3 rounds to go.

Thats quite the impressive list of Hott streaking fighters walcott beat. Great fighters even not near their best are difficult to beat, but to beat all these great fighters coming off their career hottest winning streaks? Mighty impressive.
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