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Default Sugar Ray Leonard vs Roberto Duran

round 1: 10-9 Leonard
round 2: 10-9 Duran - huge left hook by Duran. Leonard hurt.
round 3: 10-9 Duran
round 4: 10-9 Duran
round 5: 10-9 Leonard
round 6: 10-9 Duran
round 7: 10-9 Duran
round 8: 10-9 Duran
round 9: 10-9 Duran
round 0: 10-9 Leonard
round 11: 10-9 Duran
round 12: 10-9 Leonard
round 13: 10-9 Leonard - What a round!
round 14: 10-9 Leonard
round 15: 10-9 Leonard

8-7 Duran

I thought it was an extremely close fight, with Leonard taking the last four rounds. Round 13 was an incredible round, and very close - and I could see some people giving it to Duran, but I gave it Leonard. They both scored with great shots. Duran got an early lead, and he hung on to victory by a point. Bit to late for Leonard to rally at the end. I know most people thought Duran won the fight clearly.

If you can tell me which rounds you disagree on, I'll go back and review them and see if I can make a case otherwise. Some round were hard to score I thought.
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