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Default Re: Sugar Ray Leonard vs Roberto Duran

[quote=Shake;5091691]I'm increasingly aware of the notion that my own taste differs a bit from most Classic members. This is my favorite fight of all-time, and I particularly enjoy the early rounds. In round 1, Duran is troubled so much by Leonard's ridiculous speed that he's hardly in the fight. He tries several different means of approach, which mostly fail, and you can see he's leery of the handspeed as well.

I've watched this fight upwards of a dozen times. Seeing how Duran copes and ultimately conquers a speed deficit and goes from seeming considerably slower to almost equally fast is pure boxing. He doesn't actually get faster, of course, but the timing, the feinting, the slipping, angles, in-and-out of range way of positioning the feet, changing the tempo whenever Leonard is near the ropes -- just makes it seem they are on equal footing.

Every time I watch this fight, I see new things. There's just so much in it.[/quote]

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Same here, watched plenty of times over the years & had it by 1point either way & the draw, reason being as i'am a duran fan i've proberbly always over compensated for the opponant so as too not let natural bias play a part, sort of self censureship as it'll be like marking yer own driving test, best intentions but not the best way.

I t must be 10 yr's ago he last time i gave myself time to watch it, but watched it again 3 weeks ago & this time round i had the volume down & head phones on with a background track of various crown noises which my son had mixed, unbelievable diff as too how i followed the fight, i was hard pushed too give Leonard 3 clear rounds.

It's like the mist clearing after you've cut out the so called commentary, I've heard 2 yank versions, Bernstien & Cossel + Gutheridge from the UK who was extreamly pro-Leonard. But i'am telling yer now if you can cut out the commentary you'll really see the guts of this battle, it was exhausting, i was unwittingly holding my breath, the skill was phenom.

Has anyone tried it like that yet?? i never realised how much commentary can interfere with yer decision making on a sub-concious level, all rounds were tight but it just looked too me that duran seemed too suck something up whenever Leonard tried to rally & it was Duran who subtly dictated the way this battle panned out, as yer said, his faints & distance judgement were sublime, the way he got leonard to commit & then jumped him, you could see the stress on Leonards face as if too say "****" i've underestimated this ****er, what do i do now!

I presume most of you lot have had the bernstien commentary, if not WHO.
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