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Default Re: Sugar Ray Leonard vs Roberto Duran

I think I had it 9-6 to Duran. I think it is the best fight ever filmed. Maybe not as exciting as others, but when else have two p4p top 15 of all-time (and IMO two top 10 of all-time on ability) went to war for 15 solid rounds when both were prime or near-prime (I would say SRL was peak and Duran was still pretty much peak too even though he had moved up)? Not often. It is a highly skilled fight, thrilling in parts, and always fought with true full-blooded intensity. Two special performances, as Duran showed everything that was great in him, and Leonard proved he is one of the most gifted and versatile fighters in history.

It's pure pugilistic art.

As it has been mentioned already on this thread I will comment: Leonard-Hearns I is horrendously overrated simply because it fits the criteria of two young prime undefeated big-name fighters coming together in their primes. Round-by-round, it simply does not merit being considered as one of the best fights ever. JMHO.
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