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Default Re: Better Resume JCC or PBF

Originally Posted by Jose FM
PBF's only HOF fighter on his resume is DLH, so no hes resume sucks...
Well if you really want to get into it, Chavez lost to almost all of the HOF fighters he versed.

But Chavez has the better resume at the moment, he lacked a real ATG on his record but he beat so many good-very good fighters that it more than makes up for it. His best win over Meldrick Taylor is a great one, Taylor was an olympic gold medalist and very talented, but due to fighting Chavez (and other factors) we never quite got to see what he could've become. Add in wins over Ramirez, Rosario, R.Mayweather, Castillo, Lockridge, LaPorte, Camacho and Martinez and it surpasses Mayweather.

Mayweathers best wins are over De La Hoya, Corrales, Castillo, Chavez, G.Hernandez, C.Hernandez, Gatti and Judah. I just can't see how this equals Chavez. If Mayweather goes about adding Hatton, Cotto and Mosley to his win column, then I would definently reconsider their resumes.

Also another factor is that its likely Chavez would win head to head. I know that just because fighter A struggled with fighter B, doesn't mean fighter C would beat A. But Mayweather did have alot of difficulty with Castillo and Chavez was quite a few notches above Castillo. His defence is better, he cuts the ring off better, his offence is better, he is generally a superior greater version of Castillo. Thats why I see Mayweather struggling (And losing) to Chavez. If Mayweather gets trapped on the ropes against Chavez he is going to be in a world of trouble.

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