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Default Re: Sugar Ray Leonard vs Roberto Duran

[quote=Bill Butcher;5096055]
Originally Posted by redrooster View Post

He still is one of my fav`s as is Duran, I like all the fab 4 actually but Pacheco was crediting Leonard`s toughness n guts n **** when Duran was doing the scoring, he should have been praising the skills of Duran.
That fits into place with the Reg Gutteridge commentary, obviously this was shown on ITV world of sport back in the day, my mate who had a "VIDIO" only one on the street as he was rich taped it, only about 12 rounds were shown as was the norm then. But gutteridge was doing the voice over commentary as he was'nt at the fight, it's quite shocking his bias, just like percheco's then, whenever Duran nailed Leonard & leonard tried to fire back all gutteridge would say was " OH WHAT A BRAVE KID THIS LEONARD IS" HE'S BEING HIT BUT HE'S FIRING BACK" what a load of **** & at the end when the decision was given all Gutteridge said was "Well i thought Leonard had done enough for MEEEEEEE but it's decided by ENGLANDS HARRY GIBBS in a real OH SO SLOW sarcastic manner. Obviously some past history there between them two.

It must be some sort of masonic link that you follow the original commentators lead so everyone agrees with each other.

With regard to Percheco it just go's to show you dose'nt it how fickle these *******s are when they smell GOLD, his joint commentary on the Duran/DeJesus 2 fight had a similer vein withe him drooling over Duran for %95 & poor esterban got %5, good eye-opener that, now i understand why percheco is derided in the states.
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