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Default Re: Floyd Patterson's comeback in the early 70's

When a saw this thead, I thought they're be more pro-Patterson comments and I'm ashamed at many of the fight fans here that regard his last harrah as some sort of joke. Many want to look at his post-Liston career. He easily beat Machen, out-worked Chuvalo to the max, Ali humiliated him in their 65 s**** with Floyd's bad back issues (granted, he could have never have beaten Ali on any any night for many reasons). Ali will always be a fav with me but, in retrospect, he was a ****y, brutal, individual in many fights and Floyd 1 is one of them. Comes back and brutally KO's Cooper a year later (something Ali couldn't do) and then goes 0-2-1 against Quarry/Ellis in which he could have won all three of those fights save his passive demeanor.
Comes back TWO years later on a final comeback (I always thought he did it only to fight Ali one last time). In his first fight back that ***** Devil Green butted him and hurt that eye badly (the SAME one Ali closed two years later) kinda hard for wounds to heal at an advance age. The Bonavena fight? Close, but somewhat like Chuvalo, he outworked Oscar and deserved the decision. His final s**** with Ali was competitive with one judge having it even at the time of stoppage (thanks Devil Green for ruining what might have been a real final harrah for Floyd, not a win but a competitive decision loss)
And had this great HOF'er reached prime in the early 70's, don't tell me that Norton, Shavers, Lyle, etc...would have walked thru him, no way!
I could say more, but gotta take care of business now...
DO NOT diss Floyd Patterson, his worst opponents weren't Ingo/Sonny/Ali his worst opponent was simply his self which held him back from being even better than what he could have been.
My $0.02
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