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Originally Posted by WhataRock View Post
Well the pattern is that just about all of those fights were after Leonard I see it, that was the Everest that Duran climbed and anything after that he just wasnt as hungry.

He was loaded, living it up and I truly believe he mostly fought after this to maintain this lifestyle. The kind of lifestyle that cost a lot, not to mention he and his wife's love of gambling.

Duran doesnt beat Hearns is 10 fights..But I dont think Duran at his best goes out like that..I dont think its hard to see that this is a Duran who put any effort he was going to put into this fight just to make the weight and truly thought he could just bowl Hearns over as soon as he connected.

Do people truly think that the Duran who beat Leonard and the Duran who lost to Robbie Simms are the same fighter?
After the loss to Leonard in '80, Duran became moody, bloated & inconsistent....... Duran from then on would only turn on the fire every once in a while from the yrs 1981 to 2001........ After 1980, Duran changed as a fighter..... By 1981, Duran was now going after the 154 lb. division.... From 1981 to 2001, Duran would only fight between 154 and 168 pounds..... Duran's physique would seldom ever display that lean / ripped tone that he had against Leonard in Montreal.......



From 1981 to 2001, I felt that Duran only looked lean and mean against the likes of "Luigi Minchillo, Cuevas, Moore, Hagler, Barkley, Leonard, Paz 1 in '94 & Camacho" in 1996........

I thought Duran looked soft and bloated against "Hearns, Sims, Paz 2 in '95, Castro, Joppy & Camacho 2" in '01....
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