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Default best heavyweight under the old rules ???

there are a lot of threads here going like : louis vs holyfield or baer vs klitscko and so on. and everyone has there own opinion on who wins. and ofcourse it is true that todays heavy's are bigger and (maybe) stronger better training and food. but lately i have been watching a lot of old fighters and what i think is they are way way way tougher then todays fighters. meaning not only that they could take a punch but also incredible stamina and durability. and i think if todays heavys fought those guys under them rules so not 12 rounds but like 20 or more (if it lasts that long ofcourse) the chances of the oldtimers improve greatly. for instances guys like Wills or Jeffries fighting under the old rules will probably beat guys like the klitschko's, bowe, holyfield in my opinion.
what do you people think ??
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