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Two things occured with Duran in 1979........ One is, after 12 yrs as a pro fighter, Duran decided to shine on the 135 to 140 pounders for good and go at it at 147 pounds, which seemed too big for his frame by physical standards.... Second is, as a welterweight, Duran actually became a millionaire where he could've retired by age 30, had he played his cards right and not been such a party goer and supporter of such a big Panamanian family.... At 147 pounds, during 1979 and 1980, Duran beat the **** outta Carlos Palomino and Ray Leonard.... The fight with Leonard in June of '80 up in Canada would be the last time that Roberto Duran would ever appear real lean and ripped with perhaps a mere 3% body fat with added muscle to his frame..... Its freaky that Duran would go on and fight for another 21 yrs more until 2001 and age 50 after he said "No Mas" in 1980 in the rematch with Leonard.....

In truth, Duran's conditioning would never quite be the same after 1980 cuz he insisted on venturing into the 154, 160 & 168 pounds divisions as time rolled on......... Between 1881 and 2001, I say Duran was really in tip-top shape for his fights with "Minchillo, Cuevas, Moore, Hagler, Barkley, Leonard, Paz of '94 & Camacho of '96." Now, Duran won some and lost some of those fights, however, he was in-shape..........

Roberto Duran clearly lost the decisions to Hagler in '83 and to Leonard in '89..... I know that, but he was in-shape.........

Roberto Duran kinda' got ****ed against Paz in 1994, but I will not cry a river over it... It was close..... Paz did a lotta' pitty-patty type punching while always moving... Duran was slow, but still powerful at age 43......

Roberto Duran got SCREWED blue against Camacho in 1996 on PPV............... I was and I'm still ****ed..........

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