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Originally Posted by MRBILL View Post
I hear you all, but I kinda' beg to differ on Duran's plan......... Duran was listed at 178 pounds at the March of '84 press conference with Tommy Hearns..... Hearns looked normal, while Duran looked puffy in the chin and face, and strike zone.... Duran trained for Hearns, however, Duran wanted to fight at 160 more so than 154 in 1984.... BUT! This was a title fight, so Duran had to make 154.....

No doubt that Duran was weakened to a degree by dropping down to 154 pounds in 1984... No Doubt... And from what I had heard through the g****vine is, Duran was actually looking to go at it slow with Hearns and box a tactical but professional fight with Hearns in Vegas...... YES! Duran knew Hearns had a shaky chin, and Duran was looking to land some sneaky punches on Hearns to test that chin too... But it was Hearns who shot a long right that caught Duran high on the head in the middle of round 1 that caused Duran to back the **** up... Duran was soon cut by either a razor jab or the laces from Hearns.... BOOM!! Hearns lands a right hand to the side of Duran's mug and Duran drops like he's been shot... I knew right then that Duran didn't have much gas in the tank as was gonna be seeing stars in just a moment or two......... Well, it happened....

Are you saying that Duran's "plan" if you want to call it that, was sound? Hindsight is 20/20 but that plan was never sound to begin with. He was at exactly the wrong range... to begin with.
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