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Default Re: 2003 Kirk Johnson v 1991 Razor Ruddock

Quitali just looking at your screen name shows me how much of a idiot you are. Well all Mike Tyson fans are usually idiots or cowards who beat on women. Which is why they are a fan of a cowardly, woman beating rapist.

David Jaco took Rudduck's best punches as well so apparently Jaco has a good chin right? Ignoring the other times Jack has beenk knocked out. How many heavyweights did Holyfield actually knockout? Not many but Tyson is onthat list.

Who in the hell did Ruddock knockout besides Dokes and Dokes wasnt that special to began with. Wait I know who Ruddock knocked out. Ken Lakusta, James Broad, James Smith. Wait I know Mike Rouse, yeah that really proves how great of a puncher Ruddock was and since Tyson didnt get knocked out by him then that means Tyson has the greatest chin in heavyweight history.

Since not being knocked out by Rudduck proves you have a great chin then you should add Oscar Holman to that list and Ricardo Peterson, Mike Weaver, Phil Brown who had a record of 7-20 and he drew with Ruddock, Bill Hollis 5-15, Author Hall. Hell even the "Glass chin" Tommy Morrison got up from his power and knocked out Ruddock.

Tyson's chin is shyt but either way Kirk Johnson was a bigger piece of shyt so Ruddock would beat him.
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