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Default Re: Sugar Ray Leonard vs Roberto Duran

Round-by-round scoring
The champion's score on the left.

round 1: 10-9 Close, but Leonard edges it. Duran a bit reckless.
round 2: 9-10 Duran hurts Leonard.
round 3: 9-10 Duran on fire.
round 4: 9-10 Still on fire.
round 5: 10-10 This is one of those rare times that I scored an even round. Leonard has big moments. Duran is the constant aggressor. Duran is ducking a lot of shots. The exchanges are even.

First third...
Leonard: 47 points
Duran: 49
Duran decisively wins first third of fight.

round 6: 10-9 Very close. Leonard edges it with some clean hard shots.
round 7: 10-9 The fight moves to the center of the ring. Leonard even had Duran on the ropes for a spell. Duran comes on at the end, but Leonard edges it.
round 8: 10-9 The round is fought almost entirely in the center of the ring. Duran comes on at the end with some tremendous shots, but he is resting mostly. Leonard carries the round by a slim margin.
round 9: 9-10 Pretty much all Duran. Leonard is resting, perhaps. And holding a lot. Leonard appear to be cut by a butt. Maybe this is distracting him.
round 10: 9-10 Leonard does some impressive shining at the end and ends with a good shot. He started off the round with a good shot. But Duran outhustles him in between.

After two-thirds...
Leonard: 95
Duran: 96
Leonard carries middle third of fight, but by the slimmest of margins. For a while it looked like he was crawling back into the fight. But Duran came on big in 9 and 10. Duran clearly has the momentum going into the championship rounds. Leonard needs to do something dramatic.

round 11: 9-10 Leonard is tired. Duran has second wind. Leonard tries to put Duran on the ropes but Duran turns Leonard right back around. He is pounding Leonard throughout the round.
round 12: 9-10 Another big round for Duran. Leonard is very tired. Duran is landing clean hooks and right hands, while digging to the body. Leonard is missing a lot of punches.
round 13: 9-10 Duran has taken clear command of the fight. He is teeing off on Leonard head. Hooks, right hands. Leonard’s head snaps back several times. Even off the ropes Duran is landing punch after punch and Leonard is just leaning on him. Leonard needs a knockout to prevent Duran from snatching his undefeated record and he has nothing in the tank and although he hurts Duran in the final seconds, it has been one of Duran’s most dominant rounds in the fight.
round 14: 9-10 Both fighters are very tired. Duran outhustles Leonard and lands several clean shots. He buckles Leonard’s knees. It’s amazing how Duran makes Leonard miss. The bolo punch gets a lot of attention, but you can see clearly from the close up that it doesn’t land – it misses Duran by almost a foot - and Leonard is in any case holding and hitting in a flagrant foul. (I can’t believe people fall for gimmicks like this. Remember Leonard's low blow bolo on Hagler and the attention it received?)
round 15: 10-9 Duran gives the round away. He knows he has won big and knows Leonard doesn’t have the stuff to knock him out.

Final score...
Leonard: 141
Duran: 145
Duran romps through the championship rounds to seal the deal.

The officials scores are surprisingly close. Angelo Poletti scores a lot of rounds even (10 of them, in fact). At least the judges got the unanimous verdict right. Can you imagine how crazy a majority decision or draw would have been? I can’t even contemplate a Leonard win. You really have to wonder sometimes what people are looking at when they score a fight.

Ridiculously, the New York Times had Leonard winning the fight 144-142. This is the same New York Times that absurdly scored the Hagler-Leonard fight a draw. That rag seems to spot Leonard several rounds before the fight begins.
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