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Default Re: 2003 Kirk Johnson v 1991 Razor Ruddock

Originally Posted by Chris ****** View Post
Quitali just looking at your screen name shows me how much of a idiot you are. Well all Mike Tyson fans are usually idiots or cowards who beat on women. Which is why they are a fan of a cowardly, woman beating rapist..
Says the biggest KLIT hater on the board. Just looking at all your post shows what an idiot you are. A delusional man who is making a fool of himself everytime he posts his garbage. So Frank Bruno's power is overrated too right? Beacuse he gave Tyson his best. And Lennox Lewis must be an idiot then too beacuse he likes to remind the world every now and then how great Tysons chin is. But your just a blindfolded hating fool. I bet your related to that skanky lying ***** Desire Washington.
Oh and its obvious you havent seen any boxing fight in full, just the highlight reels :
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