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Default Re: Will we one day reminisce?

Braddock v Baer was an awful fight, an embarassment really.

But boxing and the heavyweight championship were part of mainstream culture then. Those people were celebrities in their own time, heroes even. Nevermind that they sucked as far as fighting goes, they occupied a position almost on a par with the Clark Gables and James Cagneys in the minds of the people. Boxing was popular entertainment, and something many young boys and men aspired to, and popular among women too, and there were fight clubs and professional boxing venues all over, and for those reasons the guys who were at the top of the tree in boxing (the champions and contenders) were considered SOMEBODIES not just by a hard core of boxing fans but by the "man/woman in the street".

****ysing the merits and otherwise of individual fighters is one thing, but if people do reminisce nostalgically about those eras and their "classic" fighters in might well be in part because of the imagination and larger-than-life status accredited to their position at that time. Something that today's fighters wont ever get.
Someone in 1930s might pick up the sports pages and complain "Baer's a bum", "Braddock's a bum", but today there's probably not even enough coverage for the typical newspaper reader to even form an opinion, and he doesn't even care, he's rarely going to stop to read about boxing.
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