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Default Lennox Lewis v early/mid. 70's best

Myself and others have done this before with other fighters. Always good for debate. Now it's the best heavyweight of the 90's Lennox Lewis' turn. I reckon that Lennox was at his best around 1997. How would that version of him do against the best of 1970-1975 incarnations of Muhammad Ali,Joe Frazier,George Foreman and Ken Norton ? I see Ali winning a tough bout on points. His superior hand and footspeed being the main factor here. He was n't as fast as his 60's self,but still extremely speedy for a heavyweight. During a fight like this,he would adapt when he needed to slow up a bit. Lewis would cause him problems,but Muhammad would come through. Because of Norton's problems with big hard punching fighters Lennox would nail him early. The Frazier and Foreman bouts,I see as being 50/50 affairs. To beat Frazier,Lennox would have to throw caution to the wind,and try to take Joe out of there as quickly as possible. He could quite conceivably accomplish this. Lennox would be advised not to start slowly as Joe would come into the fight more and more getting to the Brit on the inside with his pressurising advance and could beat Lennox with this strategy. Against Foreman,Lennox would need to do the complete opposite. Be cautious early,and take minimal risks,hopingto tire George out,and take him late in the fight.
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