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Default Re: 2003 Kirk Johnson v 1991 Razor Ruddock

People need to stop ****yzing fighters like their video games or something and look at the actual science of the situation. Chin this and chin that. Ruddock had a very strong left hand to begin with, but his actual Razor was clearly a very unorthodox punch; difficult to land at the right angle with the right leverage but terribly effective when it does. The famous Dokes highlight was just everything coming together perfectly and it made a lot of fighters at the time nervous. However, Tyson’s compact crouching stance made it very difficult for Ruddock to land with that same kind of precision and power in the rare events he did time him right. Not known for his durability and strong legs, Morrison was able take quite a few lefts from Ruddock for the same reason. Ruddock as is was a very flawed fighter; he often abandoned his jab, winged punches sloppily, and was prone to dropping his hands and staring into space for some reason as Tyson in the rematch and more effectively Lewis exposed. Guy was tough though and very dangerous. Iron Mike was horribly disappointing agianst him though, I feel Ruddock was often there for the taking but Mike was really lethragic, sloppy, and off his the rematch especially. As a Tyson fan, I certianly wouldn't use this fight as an example of his strengths other than that he can win convincingly on a bad night. .

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