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Default Re: George Foreman: What Was, What Could've Been, Nothing Short Of Mind Boggling part

I may get shot down for this but in my opinion, I truly believe that had Foreman fought Ali again he would not have lost. Foreman was a boy at 25. He was badly trained and so obviously dehydrated in Zaire and it was as humid as hell. I have a lot of love for Ali and he cleverly took his opportunity but I just think people write George off as some unskilled thug after watching the Zaire fight. This is so unfair and it overshadows some wins of genuinely epic proportions.
As a controversial note I put Foreman above Dempsey, Louis, Marciano, even Tyson.
However I do think the Galveston Giant would have caused him untold problems. Jack is the only HW great I would comfortably pick to handle George. But the shite comments dissing the greats such as Tyson, Louis, Marciano and Lewis are just plain daft. All would have given Foreman hard fights.
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