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Default Re: George Foreman: What Was, What Could've Been, Nothing Short Of Mind Boggling part

Cute Ste Hawkins but Foreman would of blown away Marciano even quicker than he did Frazier. Frazier is superior to Marciano in every way and what happened to him? Is Marciano some special case? I think not.

Lewis would of handle a prime Foreman just like he handle Rahman and McCall in their first fight. Laying on his back.

Tyson was knocked out by Buster Douglas, so i dont even have to explain why Tyson wouldnt beat Foreman because I explained it before.

Joe Louis couldnt take a punch and his best wins were over people smaller than him or big slow unskilled guys like Max Baer, Buddy Baer, and Abe Simon. Foreman is superior to them all. If Tony Galento gave the so called great Joe Louis problems then guys like Bowe, Foreman, Frazier , ect ect ect would of ate Louis for lunch.

Jack Johnson best wins came against people smaller than him and or past their prime. That throw one punch and hold stuff may have work fighting middleweight and super middleweights but it wouldnt have worked against Foreman.
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