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Default Re: Will we one day reminisce?

Originally Posted by mr. magoo View Post
I had a rather frightening but probably realistic thought that crossed my mind today. For some of us who are currently in our 20's, 30's and 40's, will we one day look back and talk about how great the 2000's were? That the Klitschko brothers were like a dynamic duo, and that men like Chagaev, Maskaev, Haye, Valuev, Povetkin, CHambers, Ruiz and Toney were a steller bunch of challengers?

The first thought that comes to most of your minds is " hell no. " Never!!!

But think about this, when the great Jack Dempsey retired, the fans were not exactly thrilled with the new crop of heavys. In fact, most of the champions and contenders of the 1930's were heavily criticized as being without talent. Nat Fleischer, founder and editor of Ring Magazine was one of their harshest crtics. Today, we view men like Schmeling, Baer and Carnera as real classic fighters, and we even had a box office hit movie come out about the life of Jim Braddock in the 2000's.

What say you?
that's the problem with the farts here. they look at past fighters as legends and forget they were about the same ****.
the klitschkos are great utilizing their size , had they been deflated even to a 6'3" , 220lbs , vitali wouldn't have stopped arreola , but maybe arreola would have stopped him. had louis lived in our time he'd get destroyed by vitali , split fights (at best) with wladimir , lost to valuev , and i'd go further : don't expect him to have a nice day with the likes of povetkin and chambers. holyfield would have beaten him on points , tyson massacred him. tua would have decapitated him in one fight , and MAYBE the rematch would have gone the distance , but a man should be ****ing ****ed to imagine louis stopping tua. and i am not saying this for a second because tua's last appearance.
i admit that today's heavies are **** in average. but not totally all of them.
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