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Default Re: Was Ali's second tier list better than some first tier lists?

Originally Posted by groove
Quarry, Ellis, Young and Lyle - those fighters are as good as the 50s contenders - light heavies Moore and Charles - look at what happened to a great light heavy in Bob Foster when he fought top class heavies like Frazier or Ali - no ****ing contest.
I honestly don't think that Bob Foster would have done any better in the heavyweight division of the early 50s than in his own era. He just did not have the style to be an efective heavyweight.

If you want a practical demonstration that the top contenders of the Marciano era would have been efective in Ali's era look at Harold Johnson. He fought a few of the same oponents as Muhamad Ali and Sonny Liston while past his best and did better against most of them.
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