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cheers, Lee

I always wonder just what he may have been if Cus had lived another 5 years. Kind of like the 3.5 years we'll never know what Clay/Ali woulda done from the Vietnam ****. But one thing is for certain: Iron Mike woulda never married Robin and that crazy **** mother of hers; Tyson woulda never run a car into a tree. But he still woulda beat ***** Green in that bar fight lol~!

Some of the young guys only have YT footage and boxrec to judge Mike. But only the older guys can recall just what it must've been like back in the 80's, early 90's like the Roman Coliseum revisited. Dude was the single most feared gladiator on the planet! Pacman is getting an iconic status, but it will never be the same as the unadulterated fear of a rabid dog let off the leash that Tyson invoked.
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