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Default Re: Sean O' Grady Discussion

I know Sean O'Grady as a commentator from USA's Tuesday Night Fights. O'Grady won a world title at lightweight, but the only footage I ever saw of him were clips played here and there on that show. O'Grady made a few training segments on the show as well; showing basic workouts with the heavybag, speed bag, double end bag, etc...

I remember reading a little about him in Gilbert Odd's Encyclopedia of Boxing. There is mention of his being ahead on the cards when stopped in the later rounds by Jim Watt due to cuts in what I believe was his first title bid. O'Grady won a title later, but I can't remember who he defeated; nor if he had any defenses.

I do remember his title run was brief. Odd wrote something along the lines of saying that O'Grady was a very tough fighter, but lost his ability to take a punch.
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