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Default Re: Sean O' Grady Discussion

Originally Posted by Russell View Post
Was he any better then, say another down to earth, blue collar white fighter of the late 70's and 80's like Bobby Czyz?

What did Sean have going for him?
I'd say he was probably at least as good as someone like Czyz.

He was very tall and lanky for his weight, but generally more of a slugger than a boxer. He was tough, relentless, and could bang with both hands. He was there to be hit though, and as his career progressed he developed into a bad bleeder.

He was managed by his father. He had a ****load of fights very early in his career at a very young age (late teens and early 20s), often fighting once or twice a week in old school style, mostly against clubfighters. Eventually he took his first real step up against future FW champ Danny Lopez. Lopez blasted him out in about 5 rounds. After that, he returned to the clubfight circuit for another round of padding his record, and eventually re-emerged with a record of something like 50-1 or 60-1, while still at a very young age. He got his first title shot against Jim Watt in Scotland, and appeared to be winning the fight most of the way until head clashes opened a horrific gash on his face. Eventually the fight was stopped and O'Grady lost it on a TKO. Later, he got another title shot against Hilmer Kenty, who was thought to be a pretty good fighter at the time, and he battled his way to an exciting decision win. Not long after that, he was stripped of his title (I forget why), but his father then invented a sanctioning body called the "WAA", which gave O'Grady a title. No one really gave the WAA any credence, but they still recognized O'Grady as one of the top guys in the division and the rightful holder of the title he had been stripped of. Any claim he had to the title was lost when he was shockingly blasted out in 2 rounds by Andy Ganigan, in a fight whose outcome and circumstances somewhat mirrored Wlad Klitschko's loss to Corrie Sanders. O'Grady basically faded away after that and retired not too long afterward. Ganigan's win earned him a big money fight with Arguello (much as Sanders got a shot at Vitali off of his win over Wlad) and he was KO'd in a war. After that, the "WAA" title mysteriously vanished.
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