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Default Re: Anyone else think Mundine to Win by Dec for 9.00 is good Odds ?

Originally Posted by pecks
I think it's definitely worth a punt at that value.
Everyones saying that undine will end this fight whenever he feels like it, I happen to disagree with this strongly. People see that he's from Argentina and they picture Mundine's KO win against Acousta, and think it'll be more of the same against this guy. Fact is that a lot of the Argie fighters are tough nuts(Acousta, and Clavero excluded), and can soak up some punishment.
However, the downside is that he has only ever fought 6 rounders, which is a bit of a worry if you're going to bet on him lasting till the bell.

In conclusion, It wouldn't surprise me if Mundine wins on points, or wins in the first round. It isn't hard to picture Mundine winning in similar fashion to how Green beat Garcia, though I just get the feeling that the 6 rounder thing will play a bit of a part.

If you're an optimist, go for the bet.
Pecks can you send me a text of the result of the Mundine fight please as I wont be able to catch it. A brief description of the how he looked and what he was wearing please
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