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Originally Posted by slip&counter View Post
I'm gonna tell ya and much as I hate to admit this, Iron Mike was. Overrated! The guy is probably the biggest boxing star ever. He revolutionize the sport. When he fought he shut down the town. This little strong dude knocking out big dudes, great marketing! Tyson was a limited fighter with arguably the best one punch ko power ever! I think he's the poster child of how fighters are brought along now. Carefully matched! They hid from Lewis and Hollyfield.

It took me a long time to admit that btw lol I grew up on Iron Mike he was our hero lol
On film; super fast hands, power in both of them. Good head movement, tight guard, and capable of destroying the middle-range of heavyweights.

Now, he peaked early and fizzled out quickly. In terms of rating as an ATG he shouldn't be anywhere higher than the latter stages of a top 10, but overrated??!?!? LimiteD?????!??

He fougth Holyfield and Lewis when he wasn't as good, so he hardly hid from them. You'd think he probably woulda fought them when he was at the peak of his powers and Lewis was not as developed, more gung-ho, hittable, Stewardless

Holyfield, smaller, less ring craft, even more gung-ho than '96 and easier to hit (the Holy that fought Bowe the 1st time was, and that was after the time Tyson was slated to face him, before the injury, the Holyfield of the 2nd Bowe fight would have a good chance against even PEAK Tyson IMO)

Anyway, sorry to go off on a tangent but I'm not going to let that lie
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