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Default Re: Sean O' Grady Discussion

O'Grady learned his trade beating up stiffs on the Oklahoma clubfight circuit. Grossly overmatched against Lopez at a tender age, he learned enough and was ready for Watt. Against Watt, he fought passively through about 7 rounds with Watt well ahead. About the 8th or 9th Sean turned Tiger and began grilling Watt, opening 3 cuts in the process and having the Scot in real distress. Believe me, this bout was going to end very soon. However, in the 10th Watt lunged in and put the nastiest vertical slice on O'Grady's forehead, which just cascaded in his eyes. He just moved around in the 11th and 12th, unhurt but unable to see and the ref simply stopped it apologetically. Against Kenty he beat him brutally and won the title. His #1 challenger that the WBA said he had to fight was Claude Noel, whom O'Grady would have taken out in about 6 rounds. But old Pat didn't want to be told what to do, formed his WAA, opted for the much tougher Andy Ganigan and Sean was never any good after that fight. Not unlike Cuevas after the Hearns KO or Tate after the Weaver KO, cerebrally, it just wasn't there anymore. O'Grady even penned an article for one of the mags at the time called, "Suddenly, I couldn't take a punch anymore". Prior to that, Sean O'Grady would have fit right in with the guns at the time. He had alot of fights but wasn't used up since his early career opposition was a bit soft. I would have loved to seen an O'Grady-Arguello or Mancini fight.

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