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Originally Posted by sugarsean View Post
I don't see why your critizing the fact that he runs just because he's training to be a boxer, all the greats boxers have used running as part of their training because

it builds stamina, strong legs and mental toughness
I wasn't critisising him, I was asking a question. Running is absolutely one of the most important parts of training but for someone to get the most out of their running routine they need to understand why they run and what the affects of running have on the body. There are two different types of running that you need to worry about aerobic and anaerobic you need to understand the difference and what is achieved by training using both methods. Running adapts your body so that it can run more effectively. The changes that happen within your body allow you to function better in other sports but it is vital that your running replicates the stresses and strains of a boxing match. Running 3 miles everyday at a single pace as fast as you can is not going to greatly improve your output or recovery when boxing.
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