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Default Re: Legacy of Muhammad Ali and Roy Jones

Originally Posted by Senya13
You are missing the point. A fighter can take on all that is available to him, but still have a poor level of opposition.

European heavyweights at that time were extremely poor, so having all those titles meant absolutely nothing at world level. Look up some European ratings in the Ring for that time, they are laughable.

Patterson had problems with his back prior to the fight, and whatever Ali wanted to prove by punishing him, doesn't make that win any more credible. Patterson wasn't just shot, he was not ready phisically for the fight.

Great chin doesn't make a fighter good opponent. There have been many tough fighters, who were poor boxers, and a win over which meant little at world level.

Whatever didn't bother Terrell prior to the fight is irrelevant, when he was fighting one-eyed for 14 rounds, and had it at least been his right eye that was damaged, an orthodox stance could deal with that, but when you have your left eye damaged, you stop seeing right hand punches completely.

Williams was on a winning streak against four tomato cans. He was knocked down by Mel Turnbow, that's how bad it had been.

Mac Foster had a carefully padded record for his undefeatedness. He achieved nothing in his career for a win over him to have any significance for Quarry. Quarry fits the definition of journeyman perfectly.

Get your facts correct about Bonavena with your 10-fights w/o a loss claim.

Norton did not face a single fighter rated in Top 10 t the time of the fight, before he met Ali.

However past his prime Ali was, that doesn't cancel out the fact that Frazier was shot, and more so than Ali himself, based on their performances at the time.

Foreman faced two ranked fighter prior to beating Frazier, 2 and 3 years prior to their fight, despite having the record you gave him. Lou Savarese also had a similar record when he met Foreman of the 2nd coming (who didn't beat a single ranked fighter to get a shot at the title or after winning the title).

Ali should have never lost his title to someone as bad as Leon Spinks, in the first place. That wasn't an achievement, that was a disgrace that luckly got corrected.
I'll give you a tip. Look through the microscope, but don't zoom in too much. Your critisism sucks beyond belief.
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