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Originally Posted by thejokerswild View Post
I've been doing my run 3-4 times a week. Never took it seriously as far as times were concerned. I didn't even know how far it was. I was thinking maybe 3 ks.

Anyway I've got my **** in check and measured it to be 4.5k (not far off 3 miles) a nice light hilly surface with good hump in the middle. After 4 recordings I run this in about 22-24minutes.

I'm not sure if this is good a good time but I would like to extend my run to 3 miles and make it my goal to make it under 20 minutes.

I am wondering if the fitness fanatics or Marine Core Serviceman with experience could give me some advice on hitting my time. Thx alot

I'll add the track to give u an idea of what I'm talking about
I run 3 miles in 17 and a half mins.

Check out

There's some excellent running routines on there mate
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