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Originally Posted by Bodi View Post
Yep, 8x20w/10r

Do not underestimate the difficulty of this drill. Believe me, you will be in the puke zone before you know it.

Mix up the exercises with the tabata protocol with something like:

Tabata car pushing
Tabata sledge hammer swings
Tabata sprints
Tabata burpees

This gives you 16 minutes of complete hell.

There are oodles of exercises. Just be sure to pick exercises that you can perform at a fast pace when doing this drill.

Do report back as i'd like to know how you get on.
Yep will do mate, no probs

I'll not underestimate it, i'm just confident i'm fit enough to enjoy it. I definately like the look of this though, and agree, the protocol could be applied to most excercises. Pull ups/chin ups, press ups/sit ups sprang to mind immediately, as they are the core of my workouts. i do doubles back to back, usually lasting 2 hours. (i average 100 pull ups, 200 press ups and 300 sit ups in 25 mins and the same with burpees, squats, 'gun drill', tuck jumps or squat thrusts)

And pukings not a problem, it just means i'm giving 100%
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