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Default Re: Legacy of Muhammad Ali and Roy Jones

Originally Posted by Senya13
Anyone who claims Ali destroyed Liston, or his career (as you tried to find an excuse for your original ridiculous claim), and not the mafia, may claim himself not a nut-hugger as much as they want, that won't change that they are exactly that based on their posts. Same with Williams being a quality fighter. Williams wasn't even ranked at the time of the fight, and rightfully so. He might have been a threat to tomato cans, but he was no longer a world-class fighter anymore. As for name fighter, I pointed out an example of the silliness of that logic. Stan Harrington twice beat Sugar Ray Robinson. Do these wins hold any significance? Obviously not.
You continue to twist logic to your own biased ends and avoid questions.

I can take some satisifaction in being a part of the charge against you on this forum. You have been exposed, indicted, convicted, and after this thread -executed.

Why don't you change your name and join another forum? It can be a new beginning... elsewhere.
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