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Default Re: Anyone else think Mundine to Win by Dec for 9.00 is good Odds ?

Yeah lets be fair.
Sure Nieves has a pretty poor record and has been listed as been dropped a few times but no one has seen him fight. We dont know the circumstances of those fights or KD's and if he will turn up differently tonight.

I gotta say I was one of the ones who said Choc can end it when he pleases, and Ill stand by that. But Argies know how to spoil and how to take whatever talent they have a long way in a fight.
Looking at Nieves' size if Choc doesnt bomb him out ala Guy Waters, taking 7 to 8 rounds to chop him down isnt that bad.

If Choc doesnt stop him however he should be disapointed and be prepared to accept some criticism, as well all know why he chose Nieves.
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