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Default Re: 20 best chins at HW ever

Originally Posted by META5
That kind of omission is very easy to make when you have an agenda to satisfy. To call Foreman's power overrated because he didn't put people out for the count as often as other great punchers is a clear fallacy of logic.

Consider Tyson and Foreman. IMO, Foreman carries greater hitting power, but due to Tyson's technique, accuracy and speed of delivery, he's much more likely to hit his opponent in a manner to cause that jolt to the brain that sends a man to sleep. Foreman's punches are wider, more telegraphed ... the opponent has the opportunity to brace himself for the impact which reduces the chances of being KO'd. However, just cos one KO's the fighter, whilst the other doesn't KO, but KD's, doesn't mean that the KO'ing fighter hits harder, just that for effectiveness, they hit 'better' for want of a better word.

Just watching Foreman hit and the testimony from his opponents leaves me with no doubt that Foreman is at the topmost tier of power punchers to ever step inside the ring.
Good stuff. I divide the bangers into two catergories: thunder and lightning. Thunder comes from the heavy handed -Liston, Foreman, Hagler, Marciano, et al. It's like getting hit by a wrecking ball -you can see it coming so you don't go to the circus but it rumbles through you like thunder. Lightning is shocking and you don't see it. Hearns is the single best example here.

I see it on a continuum... Tyson and Jones seem to combine both.
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