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Default Re: 20 best chins at HW ever

I think Jerry Quarry had an excellent chin, all the ability to take one on the chops that a heavyweight with a modicum of defensive skills could desire. However, was it really a top 20 chin? According to, he was decked twice by Memphis Al Jones, dropped by Floyd Patterson, wobbled badly by Ali at the end of their rematch, looked ready to drop at the end against Norton, flattened and very unsteady in round one with Alexander, along with being dumped by Chuvalo. (Should George Chuvalo have been able to knock down somebody with an ATG chin?)

Yes, Quarry could recover quickly, did get off the deck to win, and stood up the best shots upstairs that Shavers, Foster and Lyle could generate but to say Jerry had a top 20 all-time chin? Perhaps he did, but I think his career needs to be scrutinized a bit more carefully before that conclusion could be finalized with reasonable certainty. (As the knockdown Jerry sustained in the Frazier rematch was from a bodyshot, that should not factor in to this consideration.)

Billy Miske might be a viable candidate for this list. It was only in fight number 80 that he was finally floored, in his heavyweight title shot against a near peak Jack Dempsey, in their third meeting. According to many reports, the three knockdowns Miske sustained at Benton Harbor were the only visits to the deck he made in his 103 recorded bouts. (As for the fact that Miske was afflicted with Bright's disease through the final 70 performances of his career, there are reports that the training process actually helped alleviate the symptoms of his condition until very shortly before the end.)

Another name which could supplement that of Miske is of his rival, Tommy Gibbons, who remained on his feet through the first 105 bouts of his career, before a peak Gene Tunney finally dropped a distracted (ill wife) and sub-par 37 year old Tommy into retirement at age 37.
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