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Default Re: 20 best chins at HW ever

Originally Posted by Duodenum
Luigi, so far as I can determine, only Tony Galento fought more than 100 bouts in the heavyweight division before being knocked down. That was in match 105, when Joe Louis dropped him in round two, for the only official knockdown of Galento's 110 fight career. For whatever it's worth, Galento also brawled in an era of five and six ounce gloves, and was not exactly gifted with the defensive elusiveness of a Benitez or Whitaker. (Jack Dempsey did knock Two-Ton out cold in a sparring session, testimony to Jack's awesome power, even in retirement.)
Yes, Galento's chin had to be good, as he took quite a beating from Max Baer before being tko'd. It was a case of Galento being chopped up into hamburger, but Baer didn't deck him. As for Dempsey's power, well, all this modern day revisionism that goes on, Dempsey get's relegated to the level of a B-class cruiserweight all the time, and I think it's ridiculous. He had explosive, one punch type of power, and could end a fight, potentially, at any time. Archie Moore, on some program where a lot of old time fighters were being reviewed as to their power, stated that Dempsey was typical of fighters of his era in that he was an exceptionally physically strong man, and despite his relatively small size amongst the great heavyweights, ranks as one of the most explosively powerful fighters of all time. The damage he could do when given just a nanoseconds worth of an opportunity, was incredible. Just witness the Jack Sharkey fight, when he ended matters on a dime, despite getting the worst of it up until the end. As superior as Joe Louis was technically to Jack, I have always believed that Dempsey would have found an opening, a moment of weakness that he would have exploited for a ko victory. A serious reevaluation of Jack Dempsey needs to be done in the light of all these modern day "geniuses" who downgrade so many alltime greats with such impunity.
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