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Default Re: Soliman confirmed on Contender

Originally Posted by PorkChopExpress
I agree he is in with a solid shot with this. He will certainly set the bar that the other guys need to climb above in order to win it...

I don't think the producers would have overlooked Sam's place in the boxing world though. These things don't slide under the table often. They would know his record and atleast seen the results of his major fights so they know he went 12 with Winks!

I just hope Sam isn't being foolish continuing to stick to SMW... he'd do much better at Middle and could threaten alot of people with out this show. But if it helps him look after his wife n kids, so be it!
Good point Pork
The execs would have their favourites and they certainly wouldnt want to bring someone in that good to trump them all.
A lot of money and planning would have gone into this.

Grady Brewer's record is very deceiving, I think a lot of casual fans would have thought he had no chance to win the last one but knowing how capable he was and they fact he was bigger than most in the show I thought he was going to go pretty high in the show.
I still picked Forbes to beat him in the Final however.
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