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Not sure if it's been mentioned but if your aim is to get that 5K (3 mile) time down then what helped me alot is the longer interval sessions. The shortest was 9x2 minutes with a minute recovery between each (no jogging on recovery just try to get your breath back). Typically you want the session to last from around 18 to 24 minutes to try and replicate a 5K race.

Try 9x2 mins, 6 x 3 mins etc. One of the first ones I ever did was 1 minute (30 seconds rest), 2 minutes (30 seconds rest), 4 minutes (1 minute rest), 6 minutes (1 minute rest) then work your way back down with the same recovery as going up.

I remember it cos it was ****ing horrible but I still try to do that session atleast once a month precisly cos of that.
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