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Default Re: TOLD YA -- Taylor was a F-R-A-U-D!!

Originally Posted by Haggis McJackass
**** off. What exactly have you done in boxing that allows you to call him a fraud, say you never thought anything of him, and say you were "proved correct" when he gets KOed by an undefeated KO artist who Taylor was leading on the cards and who he had dropped hard in the 2nd?

No "fraud" can fake a close fight, let alone a win, over BHop. Same for Winky. I don't care how good an athlete you are.

You thought he was a fraud, and now you were "proved correct"? You are an asshole.

Taylor took on TOUGH FIGHTS as champ. He beat Hops and then took him on again. He took on Winky, then awkward-assed Spinks and now undefeated, power-punching Pavlik.

I wish more champs were like Taylor, making tough fights. He doesn't score the fights, asshole. He just signs the contracts to make them happen, regardless of how many people call him useless, a fraud etc.

**** off.

I agree with you. Taylor fought everybody who mattered as champion
and I thought he fought his best fight tonight. He had the faster
combinations, good footwork backing up and fighting off the ropes
and showed a good chin. Pavlik had the more effective aggression
throughout most of the fight and finally landed the big right flush.
Great performance and heart displayed by both fighters. I hope
they do it again.
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